A map poster of your favourite place on earth

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How about a coupon code for the PH community? :)
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@mark_beare hmm...we can't refuse so many upvotes :) Coupon code: 10off
Cool program. Looks like maps made by a Designer from
Loved! Great product and great stamps.
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Err. Total rip off. Carbon copy of Mapifuls editor (design registered). Could at least have written your own copy.
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@n_e_jansson Yes and no. I totally see what you're saying and I do see the very similar design conflicts, but at least they're offering color on top of the service. They should modify what they're doing to be less of an infringement, yes, but they've also offered an improvement at the same time.
@piksrihards so you changed it. Only admits you stole in the first place
We only hurried up the design we've been working on for the past month.
This is beautiful! In the future will I be able to change the size of the poster?
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@curlysafia for sure, stay posted for updates!
I like the look of these maps... my walls are so bare!