Hangout live with your friends with AR video chat


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GRAFFITY lets you invite your friends to the Augmented Reality Space you created.

Start doodling and fill the AR space with laughter!

How to use GRAFFITY.

1) Add your friends.

2) Create your room.

3) Invite your room.

4) Video chat with your friends.

5) Doodle in your room with AR

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Aidan Wolf
Anthony Ulrich
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  • Alexander Sysoenko
    Alexander SysoenkoCDO, Spheroid Universe AR

    real time AR sharing - video image 3D-decomposing and remixing


    need to be very simple for not to upset enjoyable students)

    Need to check (already planned) a good dozen of similar applications. But suppose - posting 3D-object (even they are "3D-like" objects and a bit simplistic) in real time and in real stream is sharply innovative. Good emphasis on the experience communication versus technology admiration transmitting

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  • Anthony Ulrich
    Anthony UlrichPM & Entrepreneur

    Once you go AR, you never go back. My friends would dig this!



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