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Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
I want this yesterday. Andalé, Andalé, Arriba! @gradoapp @thebarbican19
Lin Lin@linlinz
I tried gradtag but doesn't seem to work, what's something I can type in that would work?
Joe BarbourMaker@thebarbican19 · Founder of Grado and fighter of crime.
@linlinz Sorry you had problems, the best thing to do is to copy large amounts of text in. What I am going to do today is make the instruction more clear and add some examples. Thanks for your feedback 👍
Joe BarbourMaker@thebarbican19 · Founder of Grado and fighter of crime.
Hi Product Hunt, A few months back I released Grado as a passion project with the simple, but ambitious goal of creating a content discovery platform that was driven by the best content on the web delivered in a way that was uncluttered and that wasn't built on top of a social framework like Twitter & Facebook. Upon its beta release (that was built on a budget of £500) we found that we had not solved that platform but with the help of our small user base, that many people wanted more tailored content then just been bombarded with whatever was popular. We agreed with this sentiment and so decided to scrap our initial idea and have been developing something from the ground up based on the idea that communities. In doing so we needed to create a system that could not only parse rich data into our ambitious rich interface but to also make sense of it. With this in mind, we set to work building gradtag - an algorithm designed 'understand' the content of text data (articles, blogs, websites) by generating tags. We are so proud of this that we wanted to show it off with you guys. Please note that this is still in beta and sometimes may produce limited results. Over time we will be adding to the dictionary and also the system will be learning keywords on its own. Cool right? Let us know your thoughts, please be kind this is our first post!
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@thebarbican19 looks cool - but as its waitlist, best to wait until launched and open for PHers to use :)
Joe BarbourMaker@thebarbican19 · Founder of Grado and fighter of crime.
@bentossell it's does but that's for the news about the app, you don't need to sign up to use the web-app. Thanks for your comment.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@thebarbican19 Ahh it was slightly unclear - button says 'Get it' and then when Im re-directed to bottom of the page, it says "Grado is still in development but joining our waiting list is a great way to get access before everybody else!" So assumed getting access to the app! Whats the minimum amount of text that can be analysed? Seems me putting "This is fucking cool" doesnt let me analyse 😛
Joe BarbourMaker@thebarbican19 · Founder of Grado and fighter of crime.
@bentossell I see your point, I will look into changing that so it's more obvious. The minimum is 20 words but it works better with more text, so try copying an article into as it is designed to analyse articles and website rather than just sentences - even senates as badass as 'this is fucking cool' 😂