Intuitively create beautiful gradients & export as CSS

GradPad is designed to help designers and developers quickly and intuitively create beautiful gradients for their design projects which they can export as CSS. GradPad gives you full control over multiple colour and opacity stops as well as an inspiration gallery to get you started.

**Please note that touch devices are not currently supported**

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10 Reviews5.0/5
hello everybody, would love your thoughts and suggestions for our latest design/dev tool, GradPad, an intuitive gradient generator. We have thick skin so all comments welcomed...
@martinollivere from all the gradient web tools I've seen here on PH, this one looks like it is going to bring the biggest value to my design process when it comes to finding the best gradient fast for a project. Thank you for building it!
@razgraf thanks so much for this, this kind of feedback really gives us the motivation to keep making these tools. If you have any suggestions or comments whilst using it please let us know. Thanks again, really appreciate it.

I will probably use it for every project.


Ultra simple and fast


I do not know

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Thank you for this.
@imdaeshawn Hi Daeshawn, thanks so much for your comment, we're glad you find it useful. Any feedback whilst your using please do mail it over.
Rarely do stuff with gradients in general and literally had this need like yesterday/today. This is awesome and definitely allowed me to get *exactly* what I wanted! Thanks!
@mattscottcrum Fantastic! This is great to hear, thank you very much indeed. If you have any feedback please do let us know
Does this read as grād pād or grăd păd
@treggify My ignorance of any language other than English has been exposed here, I hope that this name doesn't have another meaning on the continent...
@martinollivere Hahaha long a or short a?
@treggify both short a, it was short for gradient pad
@martinollivere I get you! Just asking because gradient is a long A, and pad is a short A.