A set of 280+ hand-picked gradients packed into the comprehensive and well-organised Sketch template.

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Wonder how far the gradients fever will go 🤔 More than 5 gradients products have been launched since the release of WebGradients.
@alexanderisora I think it will end in early 2018.
@alexanderisora Hmm I agree, almost everyone seems to be using gradients these days! But it is quite catchy! I honestly don't think it will die down anytime soon hahaaa...
@alexanderisora Well, I don't think gradients will end by 2018, in fact this is one of the design trends that's IN. Also, it depends on the designers how they make these gradient styles unique; something that will stand out from the rest. Isn't it!
This is great! And most of all it's a very large collection. I really wished you launched a week ago when I was trying different gradients for my new UX project in Sketch :D. Then I used https://uigradients.com but it took more time as I had to copy past the color codes. I will use this definitively for my next project!
Thanks, awesome product. But how to make them available in Gradient Colors if I am in another Sketch file. I did follow the Medium article, but I only get all gradients available in the uigradients.sketch file. I tried File -> Template -> uigradients but it opens it up as a separate sketch file. Can u help ?
@deadcoder0904 I think, if you copy and paste ‘uigradients’ page from the template into your file, the styles will appear. Not sure if the fills will be copied that way. Ta
@stas_kulesh I thought it will appear in Document Colors like in the video
@deadcoder0904 those are properties of the document. I’ll have a look later, but I’m not sure they are transferable, hence the template. Alternatively, you could copy and paste your pages into the new doc created from uigradients template 😄 Sorted!
@stas_kulesh Yep Ik that...Anyways I guess this must be a feature on Sketch Side or a plugin. Thanks anyways. I always love gradients as I'm not much of a designer.