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Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 23, 2020
Gradientify is a free, interactive SVG icons pack, customizable with a simple yet powerful gradient editor, which allows you to create unique gradient color palettes or pick from a selection of 100+ trendy premade gradients
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📖 Story Hello Hunters and Makers, and thanks @kevin for hunting us :-) it's story time! A while back we started working on an big update for Iconshock that involved adding brand new features to the icon customizing options already available on the platform. In the process, we developed a simple but powerful tool to test out some features, customize icons with a variety of gradient palettes & download the personalized set, but we figured it would be cool to make it available to anyone who wanted to check them out while we finish the larger Iconshock update. 💪 Motivation For a while now, gradients have been used on everything from backgrounds, buttons, headers & several UX elements, however icon design has been dominated by flat colors so far, we figured we may try to change that, so we focused on polishing this live editor tool with near 500 SVG icons and put it out there to show that the versatility of gradient colors also extends to icon design. Here's a quick summary of what you can do with Gradientify: 🔥 480+ svg icons, ready to be customized and downloaded ✏️ An icon set packed with a ton of different industries & categories 📱 A simple yet powerful gradient editor interface with 100+ premade gradient variations 🎯 Create your own gradients & customize color shades precisely with our simple tool 🛠 You can copy the CSS code of your custom gradient ↔️ Option to swap the gradient color orientation 📥 Download your custom gradient icons in SVG & PNG formats! We love to make icons & create new ways to personalize them so that anyone can make a set of their own, we hope the PH community loves these as much as we do, and as always any feedback you guys could send our way is much appreciated! :-)
@kevin @juanpablosarmi This is super cool! Big congrats man!! Will use this on my next project 😊
@kevin @ryzalyusoff great ! Please use them, I'd like to see readermode 2.0 with that gradient feel haha
@kevin @juanpablosarmi Ha that what I was thinking too! Let's see xD
@kevin @juanpablosarmi this is great! Upvoted it and looks cool!
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It's so great. I love the landing page, and it lets you choose the colors you want for your icons, and also lets you download them with a few requests. There are a lot of available icons that you can use. It's really cool.
@rajat_patel2 thanks Rajal!
Very nice, well done, I'll add it soon to !
@sandochee Wow, that would be fantastic, do you need some specific materials (photos, copy, etc) ?
@juanpablosarmi If you have a description you would like me to put that can be cool. The icon I take the one from the website you can also send that if you want :)
@sandochee sure thing, will prepare a description :)
Hey @sandochee just send you a description through Undesign's contact, let me know if you receive it :)
@juanpablosarmi Got it thanks, I'll do it during next week!
good idea, i like it but i can not download and getting timeout
@e2d3m Please give it some time, as it need to process the custom color you selected, it's nodejs processing the icons, please let me know
This is a new and interesting thing. Well done.
@john_bauer1 Thank you Jhon, yes, we put love and work on this