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Hey guys, @ryancoughlin and I made GradientDaze because, well, gradients are awesome. The current offerings in the app store for creating them were too technical and just plain no fun. GradientDaze is simple, fun and useful. Explore the world of color and brighten your life. Enjoy!
Great work, love the icons! It would be nice if I could tap during 'party mode' to stop on the random gradient setting, sort of like a random gradient option.
This is beautiful. Thank you!
I am a sucker for gradients. Downloading it.
This is super cool! Can I offer a very nit-picky suggestion? The icons on the bottom have a very Geocities-running-on-Windows-95 vibe to them. You might want to consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.
@kleneway we wanted a retro kitsch vibe for the MVP – maybe a more modern look is in store for the next version
@mborsare gotcha, love the MVP approach. I've been playing with it, really fun and useful.