Following our new style of illustration using gradient colors and all the hype around gradients we decided to create an icon pack focusing on people actions and activites in gradient style. The best thing about gradients that no matter what color is the background the icons will always fit in harmony!

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10 Reviews5.0/5
These are gorgeous!
@chris_kilbourn thanks a lot ;)
Great job!! 😊 How’s it going to be use ?
@ayush_chandra well they work as icons and illustrations for websites, applications or any kind of design really :) the thing is the icons are made using gradient colors and this gives them the ability to fit on any background color ;)
I have been a RoundIcon customer since their first launch. One of the best purchases.
@tahatayyab thanks :) That means a lot to us!
These are cool. As animation video production company(, we can use your bundles for our videos. Will definitely give a try. Cheers!
@koushik_marka I'm emailing contact@studiotale right now - Really like your work!
@karltaylor_ Thanks. We wait for your email.
Amazing work, i've seen a lot this illustration style recently ! would you consider releasing a MIT licensed pack as undraw did ?