Color inspiration for your front end.

✅ Customizable

✅ Export to Adobe XD

✅ Export to Sketch

✅Create Your own Gradients Collection

✅Export Collections to Sketch & AdobeXD

✅Fork a gradient collection

✅Save a gradient to your collection

✅More gradients Added

✅Gradients Copy Rights Added

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Hello, You can now download the customized cards as Adobe XD & Sketch files
Sometimes its like Product Hunt reads my mind and shows me the exact tool that I need. Nice work!
Thanks for hunting @solaiman_m_kmail, please tell us more about this project - why did you start it and who is it for? 🙂
Thanks @abadesi, i found it hard to pick a gradient that fit my projects, searching dribble is a bit harder but gives a lot of choices that makes me confused to what to choose , available apps provide one gradient per page and others not providing trendy gradients. by listing gradients in cards it gives me a vision for what i'm looking for. tbh this is a collection of cool gradients from dribble, in the next release i will provide the gradients sources. This project for everyone who looking for nice and trendy gradients.
@abadesi @solaiman_m_kmail Do you have an API? I could link it to my game and use the gradients to generate levels:
@abadesi @nick_kusters Sorry there is no api , but you can checkout the source code, i will move the gradients to a json file so you can use the file as an api
good one mate , keep it up :)
@mohamedsaid__ thank you 😊😊
Hello, A new release of the app is up now, Features added to the description.