As a curated list of the best gradient websites across the internet, Gradient Backgrounds allows you to explore, try and choose from hundreds of beautiful blended color palettes.

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Hola Product Hunt, thx for the hunt @benln! Gradient Backgrounds is a curated collection of the ultimate list of the best gradient sites (many pulled from Product Hunt!). With 1000+ gradients to choose from it's easy to find the 👌color! 📔 The "Background" Apparently I'm pretty into gradients and backgrounds because my last two launched sites, +, directly lead to the creation of this new site—Gradient Backgrounds! When I shipped CSS Gradient everyone asked me to create more pre-made gradients, but there were already 1000s of super nice gradients across the web. So instead I curated the existing sites in one place to make it easy to browse everything at once. 🇲🇽 Maker Bio My name is Moe. I’m a Mexican designer trained at MIT and based in San Francisco. I created Gradient Backgrounds because I was tired of searching Google and PH for all the gradient sites to finally find that one fresh gradient I was trying to dig up. 😊
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@moeamaya great work man! 👏 And thank you for listing gradient buttons 👍
@moeamaya This looks great, nice work Moe. And thank you for featuring Gradient Hunt!
Another great project with gradients, It looks like the Webgradients launched a flow of projects with gradients. 🤔

Love the product! Keep up the good work


I love the fact that I can have all gradient tools in one place


None by far

Hey, Moe - interesting prodcut. Seems that there is a trend to accumulate other offereing in your and I find it useful. Good luck with your product
@moeamaya Great Job Man! I was looking for something like that for a long time. Keep Up Good Work!