Beautiful gradients for your next kickass project

Gradiblock is a collection of beautiful gradients that anyone can use to design user interfaces, backgrounds, or anything else.

  • Pros: 

    Speeds up the workflow when designing.



    Ovidiu has always been a true professional when it comes to design and games. This is yet another product from him where he put not only his time, but also passion into developing it.

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  • Austin Biggs
    Austin BiggsLead Web Developer @

    Nice gradients


    Poor page design

    Seems like a Grabient rip-off

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Another great idea with the Gradients.
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@dimablover Thanks, Dima. is the best one out there, for sure!
I love this @ovidiutepes, thanks for hunting! What was the thought or idea that sparked this project?
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@abadesi Thank you! I'm really in love with gradients and I make sure to include them in literally all of my projects, mostly games. With this small project, I want to inspire designers and developers. I will constantly update the collection with more gradients whenever I can.
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@abadesi @ovidiutepes Nice gradients! It'd be great if we could just grab the css by clicking the gradient :)
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@manasvinik Great suggestion, Manasvini! Thanks
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Great job !! 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks! Much appreciated
This is nice! My favorite so far is #E04664 ➡️ #E5FFB3
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@devinrajaram Thanks, that one is one of my favorites as well.
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The colours on the gradients, are great, really, exceptional Tepes. What is the best way to use them, to get maximum impact?
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@tony_sargeant Thanks, Tony! It really depends on your purpose. This is my favorite article about the use of colors in the web