Grade Hound

Helping students keep track of their grades and assignments

Grade Hound is an app that helps students keep track of their grades and assignments.

Grade Hound is different from other apps in its category because of its tight grade integration. It provides information like “You need a 92% on the midterm in order to get an A in the class and a 76% to maintain your B.”

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How does Grade Hound get its grade data? Does it depend on manual entry, or does it integrate with any LMSs?
@barnabybones Manual entry. I've looked into the feasibility of integrating with LMSs, and it's something I'd like to do if I get the chance. The challenge is that most require LMSs out there require authorization from each institution you want to support.
Thanks for hunting @nick_doherty, please tell us more about the story behind Grade Hound 🙂
@abadesi Sure! I'm a 21 year old self taught developer. I've been writing apps since I was 14. I first created Grade Hound during the summer before my senior year of high school to help me stay on track and prevent the infamous “senioritis”. I’m now a Senior at UC Davis. I’ve used Grade Hound throughout my college career to help me stay organized and get good grades. I work on Grade Hound when my schedule permits. I add features to the app based on my own experiences as a student and the feedback I get from my friends and user base. Proceeds from the app help me pay for my college tuition.
Great job!!
As a college student maker in the ed-tech space myself, i think this is really neat. I wonder what your target audience is as my university uses Blackboard which has an app connected to the school's grading system so we the grades are uploaded automatically. Or is this directed more towards middle/highschool students?
@jeddyhsu Thanks! My target audience is both high school and college students. For those who's school has blackboard and similar LMSs, I think Grade Hound still serves them with its grade insight features. I'm curious, would you personally use a separate app just to get those features?
@nick_doherty For sure! Whenever I want to calculate my GPA or percent needed on an exam to receive my final (or passing lol) grade, I usually have to google a calculator that would do that. With your app I can now easily pull it up for several helpful features. Thanks!
@jeddyhsu Awesome, I'm glad to hear that :)
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