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Hey guys, founder here! Happy to field your questions. We moved out to Bay Area in January of this year, and are excited to be working with startups to curate and recommend software engineering talent. We are now working with 30 startups in SF (homejoy, Lob, URX, etc) Here's how we envision the future of recruitment: 1- Curating talent based on actual work performed: i.e. with software engineering talent, our engineers are consistently checking code repositories on github for selected candidates, and we're building out algorithms that can actually decipher whether the candidate can plug in to a startup's code base as soon as they join. 2- Timed scenario-based challenges: Our challenges will identify the "ideal" candidate from assessing current employees at a startup, and timed scenarios determine how quickly a candidate can -write clean code or even -make cold calls and meet sales quotas. Our sales challenge has been able to accurately determine the likelihood of sales performance, and candidates achieving a score of 85% or higher have been able to achieve sales quotas. 3- Actual skills gap assessment: We're building out a trending skill engine (in beta), that determines which skills employers are consistently searching for. This allows us to advise a candidate exactly WHY they aren't getting hired. For e.g. C++ or Java developers who should consider learning Python or Ruby. Love to hear your questions, we'll be here all day :)
@ibamasood Cool platform. Any plans to help startups that aren't in the Bay Area? There are a more than a few of us in "flyover country" that are building awesome companies :)
@stevecaldwell Hey Steve, thanks for your feedback. Yes, absolutely. We will be opening up to the East Coast and Mid-West once we can make immediate recommendations (which means that we have curated candidates who are either from the city or willing to re-locate). Also, nice homepage!
@ibamasood Awesome, thanks. Will be patiently waiting in the queue :-)
During the financial crisis I couldn't catch a break finding work in Dubai. Gradberry featured my writing on their blog and through their job portal they got me my first full time job. Gradberry is hope for inexperienced fresh grads to get their foot through the door.
@kayeves love hearing stories like this. I'm very fortunate to have moved to San Francisco over 4 years ago. You can startup anywhere really but there are so many opportunities and serendipitous connections that arise living in Silicon Valley. I don't know Gradberry very well but it sounds like it has the potential to give smart people across the glove, more opportunities.
@kayeves Thanks Kay it was a pleasure having you on board the blog as a writer and even more joy seeing you get placed through gradberry for your first job, thanks for sending in your love for gradberry from across the oceans, it means alot to us
great product and amazing team!
Talked to team. These guys are smart! And can identify smart. If anybody is hiring tech talent, I don't know why you wouldn't use these guys!
Epic product. Going to hire our engineers through this platform!