A Bitcoin gifting app

Gracias is a social wallet that lets you send small amounts of Bitcoin to your friends with messages and gifs attached. We're designed for crypto newbies to have their first (fun) experience with Bitcoin.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone!!!! I'm the founder of Gracias. We're a mission-driven company working to make crypto more accessible and fun for people who are non-technical. Our goal is to create a social onramp for the crypto economy, so that everyone can learn about this new money, and have the opportunity to join the party. This version of the app is very much a pilot. Our eventual goal is to transition to a DApp environment, though we want to see first if there is an appetite for this type of product within the communities that we're looking to serve. For now though, the wallet is custodial, transactions are offchain and we're limiting this to a very small number of users to test out. All that said! If you sign up using the promo code ' HI ' you can receive $5 in free Bitcoin, as well as $2 for every user that you successfully refer to the app. We're particularly interested in reaching total Bitcoin newbies with this pilot, so please share with these people in your life! PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK! The good, the bad, the ugly - we want it all!
I love this, Deana!! Making crypto more accessible to the common folk with incredible branding. Watch out, Venmo!
The App is mega fun and inviting - can’t wait to gift some bitcoin to my girlfriends near and far!
This uses a custodial wallet?
@kevint_o_m_a_s Hi!! Yes for this pilot, we're custodial. Though it is my hope to get to non-custodial as quickly as possible. We're planning our roadmap now and my hope is that we can transition within a few months time.
@kevint_o_m_a_s @medeana you can fork Breadwallet if you want a non-custodial and decentralized one
Very nice! Do you have some crypto-fiat bridge if a sender or reciever don;t use crypto? What you thing about that issue?
@savvaanto Hi thank you!!! Yes a fiat/crypto rail is a total critical feature that we plan on adding in as soon as we land on the right partner :)