Grace Health

Putting female health into the hands of women world wide

We are a Stockholm based femtech company focusing on developing scalable and user friendly health services to women in low resource settings and currently building a mobile womens clinic.

Grace Health Period Tracker is a CE marked medical device that meets the high standards set by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
@therese_mannheimer1 Pretty cool, I tried it out today and I enjoyed the conversational nature of tracking my periods. I saw a few glitches where onboarding started all over again mid-way through a conversation but I imagine those will be sorted shortly. I'm curious - why did you choose a FB messenger bot as the form factor for this tracker?
Thérèse Mannheimer
Who run the world...
@aditi_raghavan Hey! And thanks. Yes these glitches are being fixed and thank you for testing and reporting! We have chosen FB Messenger (to begin with) since we are primarily focusing on women in lower resource settings where data is expensive and you pay as you go. On top of that most smart phones have limited storage and only lets you have 2-3 apps. This means people don't use apps in the same way as more high resource settings so we decided to tap into an existing behaviour.
Marta DenkiewiczDigital Health | UX Consultant
@aditi_raghavan @therese_mannheimer1 Great stuff, user-centred thinking leads to successful products! 👍 Good luck with your development 😃