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Kumar ThanguduHunter@datarade · Technologist
One of my favorite underground tools for click tracking and link creation. Kind of like but more sketchy.
Yuri Zih@jurezih · Chief Magician at
This is great! Love that it has the version included as well. The only thing that's a bit painful for me: after I generate the link, it doesn't auto select the whole URL string and copy it to clipboard with one click.
jLynxMaker@jlynx_darkn3ss · Founder jLynx
@jurezih I will get onto adding that today. Thanks for the suggestion!
jLynxMaker@jlynx_darkn3ss · Founder jLynx
@jurezih I have now added copy buttons to make it easy to copy the URL
Greg Gibson@mobilegreg · Director of Data, Magnetic
Just started using this with some of the already-shortened URLs that I send out on a high-frequency basis, so I look forward to seeing the results as people begin to interact with these new URLs! One question: Any plans for some sort of notification system for URLs? For instance, a check box on the Link Settings page that allows an email to be sent out when a new user clicks or a reminder if no one has clicked in X # of days or something like that? I could see this being very useful for folks in the Sales world if there was a real-time notification aspect.
Greg Gibson@mobilegreg · Director of Data, Magnetic
I just noticed that - once I signed in - there IS already an Email Notification option! I haven't tried it yet, but I just thought I'd reply to this since I didn't see that before. Kudos!
jLynxMaker@jlynx_darkn3ss · Founder jLynx
@mobilegreg do you have any suggestions to make it easier for people to know about this? (sign up = email notifications option)