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i think more useable infinite scroll instead pagination
@jordanslon working with @johnkorzhuk on making that happen. Thanks for the feedback Jordan!
I agree with you @jordansion! However, due to some technical issues I had to stick with pagination. I did add arrow hotkeys to hopefully improve the UX a little. I may return to it in the future as I do believe that's the better design and UX decision.
Whoa! WebGradients little sister has arrived 😅
@alexanderisora yep, you are able to quickly modify and add new colors with Grabient though.
@alexanderisora oh and ability to fine tune your gradient stops is also pretty sweet feature 😜
@lobanovskiy yeah, Grabient is adorable! I really enjoyed rotating the wheel.
@alexanderisora WebGradients was my original inspiration for this little project actually. I wanted to build something similar to WebGradients but also an app. to generate the css as well as tweak the gradient. Hence Grabient was born!
Gradient days aren't over, that's why we put together this lovely tool to: discover, tweak, grab & share gradients!
Awesome!! If you guys can make the copy mode for Color code easier I think it will be great.!!!
@tranmautritam thanks for the suggestion, will add it to the list of things to implement!
@lobanovskiy Sounds great! I shared your tool here: https://www.facebook.com/tranmau... People like it a lot!!! <3 Well done!!
This is beautiful!