Fast and easy way of collecting email addresses

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2016
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This isn't exactly ethical though, is it?
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@akingcreative Sometimes, being vicious is necessary. That being said, never do anything illegal.
@akingcreative Most lead gen companies abuse rotating IPs and more to get databases of info.
@datarade "Hey Man, here's a gun. It can shoot a piece of metal so fast that it can kill someone instantly. That being said, never do anything illegal." Points for it being a well built tool but you're just loading scammers and spammers with more ammo. I can't think of any situation where I (or anyone else) would be pleased with the fact that I was subscribed to their list using a tool like this.
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@akingcreative I don't necessarily care. Also, I didn't build the product. I've already come to understand in my short time in web that the internet is a gangster's paradise, sometimes you have to be a F****** mobster to get a product out there. Sometimes, it's necessary. Thank goodness Kalanick is die hard about getting Uber everywhere as it reduces total car count.
@datarade How you make money is more important than the money you make. That's all I can say man.
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@datarade good list. I have a bunch here, too:
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@datarade forgot from the creators of Scrapy :)
@datarade Kimono is going away! Was just acquired by Palantir.
"Remember that startup that died because it was scraping emails?" said no one ever.
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I love this product. It's like a much cheaper version of,, and $0.04/hr and $5 per a project. That's sooo cheapp.
@datarade how have the results been for you and how long do your campaigns normally take. i like the interface and idea but didn't have a great experience from running 2 campaigns.
I agree with the comments regarding the CAN-SPAM act. Assuming ethical concerns are addressed, it would be nice to collect the associated name and title too.
@mespi can spam in the US applies to consumer addresses. Cold emailing a business regarding a business concern is excluded from the provisions. It is unlikely that anyone would be using this for a B2C context. B2B, totally legal and kosher :-)
@jcwinter @mespi BOOM. Thank you Justin.