Mobile ordering at the airport

Grab lets you order food and other products from your phone at the airport. We integrate with other day of travel apps, allowing you to order food with Grab through the American Airlines app, DFW Airport app, and London Heathrow Airport app, with others coming soon!

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Hey PH'ers, it's great to launch on Product Hunt! We're a group of frequent travelers, and we founded Grab to make the airport experience less stressful. There are plenty of great apps for planning your trips, but there isn't much to help you out once you actually arrive at the airport. Lines are everywhere, you don't always know what restaurants and shops are nearby, and to top it off you're probably sprinting to your gate. Grab is our way to make the airport experience smoother and less stressful. With Grab, you can: - Discover what's near you or along your path with our integrated airport maps - Browse menus, customize your order and pay - Get an alert when your order is ready, breeze past the line and pick up your food Now that we’re available in 20 airports (including our first international airport, London Heathrow, which we launched last week!), we are excited to share Grab with PH. We are also integrated in popular day-of-travel apps like American Airlines and DFW Airport. Our goal is to be embedded in your preferred digital channel for the best experience - and that's what we're all about. As a super special bonus for reading to this point, you can use the code PRODUCTHUNT for 50% off your next Grab order - and that's usable even when ordering through any of our above partner apps! (Promo terms: Maximum discount value of $10, expires 9/30/17. Code can only be used once and has no cash value. Orders placed are subjected to TOS available at We are a bunch of travel & tech nerds and love what we do. We’ll be here all day to answer any questions you have! Cheers!
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I work just down the hall from the Grab team! Excited to give this a try next time I need to fly
Any plans on adding a referral system or some way of incentivizing users to pass the word along? Also, and this might just be me, but it was a bit worrying to get 4 (or around that number) permissions requests before being able to use the app. It might have been the same with apps like uber (I don't remember) but wanted to share my thoughts when loading Grab.
@growwithjason Good questions! We actually do have a referral system currently. It's not the most visible in the app, so we're working on improving that. You can find it on the left side menu when logged in, under "Invite/Share". And thanks for the feedback on the permissions requests; we totally agree that it seems overbearing right now. We've got it on our roadmap to redesign our onboarding process & include a clearer explanation on permissions. Especially communicating why allowing them makes for a better user experience (and that we aren't just creepily tracking your location everywhere you go).
When you plan to launch in Frankfurt? Or other popular destinations in Europe?
@nikita_matveev We have several upcoming launches in Europe over the coming months so stay tuned! The next will be Manchester (MAN) in September, followed by additional airports in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany.
Which airport is your Grab App used the most Jeff?
@mskonfa1990 Although we feel like parents sometimes and all of our airports are equally favored... our most popular airports are currently DFW, FLL and LAX.