The first ever camera that automatically edits its own video

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I would have loved to see what the auto edited version of his bike ride looked like. Not showing that is weird. If auto edited stuff is the magic, you gotta show it. Not sold without it.
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@tomerlikehomer just added the auto-edited version of the bike ride to the media section. Found it on their site.
@jacquesvh @tomerlikehomer Thanks for adding that! I thought it was rad too! Nice job @brunogfm
I used to film everything through middle school - college, creating silly videos and editing them down into short films. The promise of "automatic editing" sounds amazing. @joshconstine wrote more about it on TechCrunch yesterday. EDIT: I just saw @lonelysandwich! Awesome job, sir.
Hi Guys, really excited to be showing the world what we’ve been building. Our mission is to build the technology that will provide the best user experience by identifying and sharing the best moments of people's lives.
Attacking GoPro's biggest problem, interesting! Love it
I know this is for action shots and everything, but I can't keep but think this would have saved me from so much boring family vacation footage my dad used to take. Love it!