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Hung Tran
Hung TranHiring@hung_tran4
@joshuaoxj: It's a marketplace, tutors earn credits each time they give a good answer and then they can exchange credits for cash.
Dave Ambrose
Dave AmbroseHunter@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
Think of GotIt! as a micro-marketplace of tutors and students, looking to help one another. What's interesting about the product is that it's primarly photo based, ie as a student, I can snap a photo of a math problem I'm having difficulty with and within the marketplace, a tutor can jump in and help.
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu@misteryu1029 · Avant/ReadyForZero
@daveambrose Isn't there that one app that solves all the math problems for you by taking a picture of it as well as listing each step?
Joshua Ooi
Joshua Ooi@joshuaoxj · Singapore
@misteryu1029 that's called PhotoMath. While it's an interesting concept, some questions are just too complicated for it to work out. I've seen this idea before of a on demand coaching/tutoring for questions here in Singapore. It just hasn't gotten much traction. I guess here, there are so many options to get your answers. I suppose this would work in a place which has less access to tutors.
Hung Tran
Hung TranHiring@hung_tran4
Agreed that PhotoMath could help students a lot, however as @joshuaoxj pointed out it couldn't resolve the complicated problem and also if the photos are handwritten, it would be extremely difficult to recognize. With GotIt! not only students have the full explanation of how to get to the answer, they also have chance to have a quick chat with the tutors if they need extra help. The feedback from our users is very positive.
Joshua Ooi
Joshua Ooi@joshuaoxj · Singapore
@hungtrv How are you enticing the tutors to contribute their time? Do they get paid?
Hung Tran
Hung TranHiring@hung_tran4
@joshuaoxj @hungtrv Yes they get paid for every explanation they contribute.
Jess@jesssmart877 · producthunt is an amazing website
I can snap a photo of a math problem I'm having difficulty with and within the marketplace, a tutor can jump in and help.
Miranda Right
Miranda Right@miranda_right
Such on-demand tutoring and study support is very helpful for every student. I'm sorry I hadn't found this marketplace before, when I really needed help with my homeworks and tough tasks. Sometimes I used help of special homework services ( this one was my fave ) to get help with the toughest tasks.