Gotham Voices

A weekly newsletter highlighting people from NYC startups

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Hey everyone, Rob from NextView here. I’m excited to share the launch of Gotham Voices, a new newsletter featuring the best content from the NYC startup community. Here’s the backstory for why we think the startup world needs *another* email newsletter: While we started NextView as a Boston seed stage firm, NY has become a much bigger focus for us these past few years. (@tdevane, our full-time teammate in NYC, joined us back in 2015, and our team spends about half of our time in the city in a given month.) In the process, we started to realize how little love the NYC startup community tends to get in the larger startup spotlight. And because we’re big proponents of being active contributors to the communities we’re a part of, we decided to do something about it. So, we made Gotham Voices. It’s still early — our first edition comes out on Thursday — so we’re looking for any suggestions for people to follow and advice to include. @gsosk will be curating these each week, so send tips her way. Hope you enjoy it, PHers! 👋
Love the regional focus of this. Yes, there are more newsletters (blogs, podcasts, any other type of content) than ever, but it's not getting any easier to find the right content for ME. Looking forward to following along : )
NextView produces some of the best content in the tech community. Definitely recommend checking this out!