User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2017
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"Closed beta code for Product Hunters: ph-rocks". In a nutshell, Gotcha's embeddable, non-intrusive, micro-surveys, employ multiple gamification methods to increase conversion rates. Trigger automated pop-ups, lead forms, coupons and videos based on users’ behavior and personality. Set triggers by if-this-then-that rules and drive monetization and growth to your product or website.
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What a brilliant idea! It's so so crucial to actually engage with users and get their opinions, and this is such a wonderful way to give them instant rewards without being obtrusive. I'd love to see this data combined with data from other products like FullStory that tracks actions or does heatmapping for an even more well-rounded user understanding.
@katesegrin Thank you so much Kate, ☺️ integrations are our next big challenge! will keep you posted!
Love the natural language approach to triggers.
@ggnall Thanks Graham, our biggest challenge now is adding more conditioning while keeping it simple. All the windows in our office are completely full of sketches heheh 😎
Very cool Ben and Hagai! Is there a way to customize the widget more than just colors? (Size, shape, etc?)
Thanks! @roee :) Currently at the beta no, we are benchmarking for the ultimate usability and answer rate at start. Afterwords we'll start testing new designs.
Seems gorgeous
@artur_arseniev Thanks!! 😻