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Murat MutluHunterHiring@mutlu82 · Co-Founder, Marvelapp
This is a great idea, one of the things that has always frustrated me when developing on the Instagram API is the inability to click on links, the ability to buy directly from a photo on IG would be massive I would never have thought to utilise the like button this way, clever stuff
J. Ivey@ifthenplay
Great bridge of concepts, and even more so about time!
@mutlu82 did you receive an email when you clicked one of their pics on their Instagram feed ? Tried it but haven't received the email. I really like the concept
Chris Jarvis@jarvdesign · Creative Technologist, ASOS
@forthecool @mutlu82 We need to remove those from our instagram, sorry for the confusion! That was all part of our original functionality that we have parked for now in favour of keeping it simple with just Likes. It's a feature aimed more at brands where you can specify hashtags users can comment with and their actions. We'l be bringing it back though!
Chris Jarvis@jarvdesign · Creative Technologist, ASOS
@ifthenplay Thanks! Next step is to get more services on board to link up with the Like button :)
Alex Morris@aexmo · founder, moople
Interesting timing! Just last week started on a similar idea which will be ready in a couple of days. The two are separate enough though to coexist. Great minds!
@aexmo looking forward to it
Tom Masiero@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
@aexmo I'm actually working on a similar concept but taking a different approach.
I like the concept but I tried it by liking and commenting a picture on your Instagram feed but I haven't received an email.
Chris Jarvis@jarvdesign · Creative Technologist, ASOS
@forthecool The commenting feature is off at the moment. Just testing the waters with the Like button for now. Thanks for trying it out so far! :)
@Jarvdesign I'm a little confused, how does it work then.
Chris Jarvis@jarvdesign · Creative Technologist, ASOS
@forthecool At the moment if you are connected and see a post with a url in its description, simply Like the post and the link is emailed to you. if that link is a Soundcloud or Etsy link then we fave the song or add to basket, respectively. The original functionality, that was aimed more at Brands rather than the end user, allowed you to specify which of your own posts were actionable and how those actions are triggered. But the hurdle we hit with this was that in order for people to test this out, their followers had to be connected too. The current functionality means you as a lone user can start using GOtags right away whenever you come across a post with a url. We're looking for brands to work with at the moment thatd suit the other functionality and have the reach to promote the sign up process to existing followers.