Got A Minute?

Messaging app that limits conversations to 1 minute

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This looks great (having now done some digging here: and seeing the tagline above). But, visiting the website for the first time and seeing the "GAM - Got a minute?" message... the only way I could discover what GAM is and why I should care is by visiting an app store to download. That's too big an ask for most visitors...
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@simonmactaggart thank you for that important note Simon. I'll update that asap, the intention was to keep it simple.
@krmneimneh No probs. Get a clear value prop. on there and you're on to a winner! All the best with today's hunt :).
Hey guys, excited to be hunted on PH! I built GAM out of frustration of constantly being distracted by friends and group messages on my phone. It’s hard to prioritize what is important and how long a conversation is going to take. Simply there isn’t enough time to answer every message during the day, especially while at work. So we added a twist to instant messaging by activating conversations with a 1-miune timer. Once the timer expires, the chat ends and you’ll be free to resume what you were doing. At the end, all we need is a minute to send an important message across and get straight to the point. Would love to hear your feedback. Cheers! Karim
@krmneimneh reminds me of Gavin Mcinnes... "Rule of conversations you're only allowed to talk for 1 minute before letting the other person speak"
@eddiedaroza that's a good one, Gavin McInnes is a funny man! I was actually inspired by Jordan Belfort's phone call sales pitch. Got a minute? is his favorite line to sound reasonable and trigger interest :)
Played a little bit on this app already. Here is my notes : - The onboarding process is good, but stumbled upon the date upon the first and last name boxes. It made me think what would be that until i realized that it was a birthday box. - Awesome UI, but the "How It Works" section should be displayed after the onboarding process (IMHO). - It might be good, but personally it would take my time, only to invite friends into this app. Hope this, somehow, give some insights to grow this product :)
@wilbertliu thank you Wilbert. Good point, we'll fine tune the onboarding process and include the "how it works" after it. We took into consideration the hassle of inviting contacts by having the username option. You can simply share your username without having to give out your phone number. It's a great way for your Twitter followers to quickly to reach you :)
@krmneimneh I've tried that (share on Twitter) and something happened! Magic :)
@wilbertliu amazing! it's convenient to enable your Twitter followers to get your attention and reach you for a moment directly on your phone ;)
Hey guys, As a co-founder, its very exciting to see GAM on PH! We are looking forward to hearing the feedback of a community that sees new apps every day. We're here to be as helpful as possible and learn what we can with today's hunt.
Hey guys, I think it's a neat concept and I really like the minimalist approach you've taken to the UI. A couple pain points I had with onboarding: 1. The keyboard would collapse after each digit while entering in the 4 digit verification number 2. Birth date is confusing not actionable. Unable to change from the default. 3. Next button is only actionable on the text (I continued to tap on the container it was within) while other fields you can tap anywhere (name). Hope this helps! Best of luck with the app :) PS: I am using an iPhone 6 w/8.3
@timbjones thank you Tim for your detailed and helpful notes. We hadn't experienced this friction before iOS 8.3. Apologies for that, we developed GAM using Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), which comes with some limitations that we need to figure out and work our way around to ensure a smooth UI. This will be polished in the next update. For, now, if you are on iOS8.3, once your past the onbroading process, the experience is flawless :)