AI helps you to improve skills in competitive games

Play smarter and improve your skills through detailed analysis of matches and personal recommendations

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This is super interesting, @kirill_chuvakov and @neudachnica. πŸ‘πŸΌ What has the response or results shown while beta testing? Is there a way to measure efficacy from the training?
@neudachnica @rrhoover yup, sure. There is tracking tool for users available now. For an example, one of our team members reduced the time he spent while not using hotkeys from 40s to 1.5s just in 1 month. And he raised from 3300 to 3800 MMR. If talking about users, we announced beta for /r/DotA2 community and they excited about this, upvoting 4 our posts in a row. BTW we have not a lot of content right now and it will become more and more valuable with each update.
@rrhoover @kirill_chuvakov Thank you for mentioning us! Super proud)). We have very good conversion and retention rates with users. And keep growing. Doing very well and super happy)). It really seems that it helps gamers to improve skills))
@neudachnica @kirill_chuvakov 40s --> 1.5s is huge. I grew up gaming and Starcraft was probably the first title that helped me truly understand how much skill and training goes into competitive gaming.
Hello! Any questions and suggestions welcomed! If you do not play Dota 2 you can check links: Example of analysis: https://dota.gosu.ai/match/34934... Example of Profile (desktop only): https://dota.gosu.ai/profile/gos...
If you built this for Overwatch I would use it. Improving my skills is a big deal to me. I've started tracking every competitive game in a spread sheet, I warm up for 30 or 30 minutes before starting, I've considered paying for Grandmaster coaching sessions. If there was something like this for Overwatch that would help me like an Overwatch coach would, I'd pay for that.
@hellosmoore on their website it shows Overwatch is upcoming
Yeah, amazing! Great work, guys πŸ‘
Awesome product and team. Waiting for League of Legends.