Screenshot map for Pokemon Go

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Just gave it a go but all I'm seeing in my area are selfies and non pokemons 😂😂
@b_wleung Despite our current efforts at indicating the app is for pokémon, selfies seem to be the most popular upload choice at this point! We're using AI to sort for actual pokémon screenshots so map items with sprites should have a high probability of being real.
@b_wleung In our new update, which should come out today or tomorrow, we have a lot better sorting and a new way of navigating. This should solve a lot of the practical issues with seeing too many selfies. We also applied a couple of improvements in our backend 15 minutes ago, so that might help a bit too. But feel free to upload your selfies.
GoSnaps reached 60k unique users and 30k uploads snaps within 24h after launch, and 160k unique users and 60k snaps after less than 48h (which is at the time of writing this). Needless to say, this has taken off unexpectedly fast. Some fun facts. There are several snaps on Antarctica and in ISIS controlled areas. The US seems to have the most Pokémon GO related screenshots, while China, Taiwan, Japan, Russia and Saudi Arabia have big user bases that love it for sharing more personal snaps. Our favorite snaps involve real live turtles being recognized as Blastoises, a Squirtle in a restroom and a random dickbutt. We've pushed a big update with a list view and better liking mechanism today and hope to get it accepted to the App Store this weekend.
@erikduindam how did you build that app? Is it all native? Do you also have an Android version?
@the_gambardella Hi Christian, the app is built with native Objective-C and the backend is based on NodeJS. I wrote an extensive article about this on Medium, which you can find here: https://medium.com/unboxd/how-i-...