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Bhavneet ChahalMaker@bhavneet_chahal · Co-founder at GoSkills.com
Hi guys, we're excited to launch on Product Hunt! We help professionals learn new business skills in a more fun, convenient and engaging way. We're offering Product Hunters an exclusive 30% discount on any of our courses. Simply use the code PRODUCTHUNT30 at checkout. We hope you like it and any feedback is welcome! https://www.goskills.com/?ref=pr...
Gabriel Chan@ninjapanda · Ninja, Thinkpanda
I love GoSkills! Their Excel course literally saved me on my last job!
Atin Batra (AB)@batraatin · Associate, Q Venture Partners
I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with @bhavneet_chahal over the past year - and the GoSkills team are absolutely awesome! Check out the product - love the short videos, especially useful for the Excel course ;)
Looks great! Are the courses exclusive to Goskills or do you also buy already made courses?
Bhavneet ChahalMaker@bhavneet_chahal · Co-founder at GoSkills.com
Hi @jonastwt, thanks for your message :) We hand-pick our instructors and ask them to create bespoke courses, based on the GoSkills format (courses broken down in short 3-5 min lessons). These courses are available exclusively on GoSkills.