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Super useful! Used it to get a shed home from Home Depot. Driver showed up in ten minutes, and helped me load and unload for only $30
@yaronguez Thanks for using GoShare!
@yaronguez nice! considering Home Depot truck rental is like 24 bucks or something per hour, plus zero help on the unload...
It's a cool business and app. Shaun knows what he's doing.
@sixpeppers Thanks Derric!
How do you stack up against others in the market? Do you ever think Uber will add this as part of their current offering? If not, what do you think their reasons would be, and why don't they put you off? @shaun_savage_goshare
@bentossell I can't see uber chasing truck capacity, but I could see them handling small transport...most trucks have smaller cabs so limited seating, and the lining of the bed is more suitable for big clunky things with sharp edges...the real competition I see is renting a uhaul or direct rentals from Home Depot and others...but the assistance from drivers is HUGE and makes me feel that I'd pay a premium for the move with some assistance
@bentossell there are a few things that make GoShare a better choice than our modern competitors. We are the only platform that allows users to choose the type/size of truck that they need, we also allow customers to book on demand or in advance, our customers can order on any device, and our low cost pricing model is flexible to enable our drivers adapt to changing circumstances. We have spoken to Uber and done a lot of research and we don't think they will enter this space in the near future.
There are a lot of businesses in the on-demand service. I'm curious how you guys will differentiate yourself.
@dredurr all of our drivers have trucks and vans. We provide on demand moving, hauling, and delivery services for larger items. You can also see my answer to Ben's questions above about how we differentiate from direct competitors.
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