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"This SlackBot allows you to track any CloudTrail event in real time in Slack without the fuss, making it more powerful that CloudWatch. You can alert any channel or member when an event takes place, and even merge rules. Just choose which events you want to receive notifications on and you can notify single users or the entire channel, alerting them to critical events. You also have the ability to receive detailed information about the CloudTrail event for each notification, as and when you need it. We wanted to make something that’s really straightforward to operate and we considered this for install. All you need to do is run a simple command for your AWS CLI, and you can start tracking your CloudTrail events using our Slackbot within a few seconds (of course you can also install via Console)."
Hi Product Hunt, thanks for the share! We started this out as an internal project. We were having trouble keeping track of specific AWS CloudTrail events and wading through logs to find out how certain events had occurred so we built a handy bot for Slack that allowed us to specify, via commands, what we wanted to track and stay on top of. Different users had different requirements, so we put in some methods for notifying the right person for a particular event. We got speaking to friends in the community and some of our existing customers who overwhelmingly felt the bot sounded Awesome. That’s when we realised that other users would want to make use of it too so we made it into a product and decided to give it out for free! We’ll be around to answer any questions you have - thanks for taking our Slack bot for a spin!
Awesome work guys! :D - Sharing it with the CFA team!
@dansiepen Thanks Dan!
Huzzah! Cost control and ChatOps in ones place 👏
@glenngillen yeah Glenn you should meet @ollibe 😊