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Hey Product Hunt! I am Elliott, co-founder and head of code @ GorillaStack. We are OBSESSED with making your AWS cloud more efficient. GorillaStack slashes your AWS costs instantly and identifies cost and efficiency savings within your AWS accounts. It provides the tools to automate those savings with advanced features that provide extra controls where required. GorillaStack was an invention of necessity. As AWS users, we were looking for ways to automate cost savings and surface information on our bills. We built a cost dashboard and before we knew it, we had the beginnings of a great product. For the future, we intend to grow to become a suite of products to help customers from all providers make their cloud a better place. We are also open source fanatics and have given back to the community with Auto Tag, a lambda function that tags AWS resources with their creator as they are created. It was highlighted as a key tool in a breakout session at AWS re:Invent on cost optimisation at scale! http://blog.gorillastack.com/gor... Best part: we are free for beta users, so get involved :) www.gorillastack.com Elliott
G'day everybody, Rohan here, co-founder of Gorillastack. If you have any questions about what the product is or how it works feel free to ask! Even if you just want to vent or share a story about your AWS billing woes, we would love to hear form you. Cheers, Rohan
Oi!...GorillaStack...so, you get my first very first PH comment. love the idea, even tho, i'm not sure i can use your tool right out of the box. security and all that... would love to learn more about your offering, tho. we build stuff in my shop on top of the AWS SDKs...true for you guys too? ever consider packaging your stuff in an AMI or Docker container? would that even work? Enquiring minds...
@madfu we got your first PH comment - what an honour! If you have security concerns, you can get started by only using our alerting features. This means we are limited to read only access to your EC2 and it gives you some pretty cool stuff, including: - Alerts on total spend, or particular service (eg. EC2) - Alert across one or many AWS accounts at once - Receive alerts into tools you know and love like Hipchat, Slack, SMS and e-mail If security is a concern however, I'd also like to make it clear that we only ever ask for the access to your account that we need and have some pretty solid security practices. So what does that mean practically? - We also use cross account access with temporary credentials, so you don't need to fret about where your precious credentials to AWS are being stored - We have a IAM policy generator which uses tags to isolate what we have access too. For example, we can only shutdown/turn on servers with a certain tag (for Power Scales) and we don't ask for permissions to terminate instances. We are big users of the AWS SDK and love the control that it gives us in terms of interacting with AWS's services, so you are correct there. We have considered on premise deployments and docker/AMI builds with our tools installed, but at this stage our focus has been on continuously improving our SaaS offering. If we continue to receive feedback in this area, we will likely offer a self hosted solution to give our customers piece of mind. Cheers, Rohan
@rjerrems @madfu cool-cool. thanks for the thorough answer. be nice to compare notes sometime on the SDK. on the security front, we're handing some pretty sensitive customer financial data, and it would be very unlikely that we'd be able to allow any outside service access to the machines utilizing that data. that said, i suspect that sometime in the next little bit, i'll spin-up another wallet.AI "pod" and try your services there to see what i can see. best of luck, you guys!
@madfu I would be happy to compare notes and have a chat sometime. You can reach me at rohan at gorillastack.com
Sounds like a good idea. I currently use Ice by Netflix for getting detailed cost data and Cloudwatch for billing alerts. I could give GorillaStack a try, but I'm not comfortable giving access to stuff like down-scaling or terminating the instances. Whether I use it long term depends on pricing and ROI :)
@aps_sids thanks for commenting. With our services, we create a custom policy for you based on the services that you want to use. So if you don't want to give us access to your autoscale groups or EC2 instances, thats absolutely fine with us - just don't tick the box on the policy generator :). Also, Just to be clear we never ask for permissions to terminate instances. We only shut down and start up your servers and modify your autoscaling configuration based on your selections and targeting. I would be happy to organise a chat to talk through how things work, if your interested let me know. Cheers, Rohan
@rjerrems I understand that the product is still very new, but it seems almost too hard to make it work. I tried two different AWS accounts and it said connection failed. But the accounts were still showing on the dashboard. Maybe I did something wrong, perhaps the instructions and error messages could be a bit more clear.
@apsops I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting setup. We usually get positive feedback about the setup process, so I would really appreciate hearing more from you about the problems you are having. Please get in touch at rohan at gorillastack.com
@rjerrems @apsops I have had a look at your accounts, it looks like we don't have the access we need, so there may be a problem with the role or policy document. I have sent you an e-mail and we can get you fixed up from there :)