A bulletin board of requests for help

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Thanks for the feedback! To give some background, we have built GoPyng with one goal in mind: making it easier for friends to help each other. Our focus is on requests that can be better solved through trusted recommendations or introductions from friends such as finding a babysitter, a cleaning professional or even a flatmate. A "pyng" is a unique URL that serves as a mini hub for your request and can easily be shared across platforms and between friends - so we don't ask our users to build their own network on GoPyng before we are able to provide value. Hope you like it, and please let me know if you have any more questions - I will try to answer as quick as possible.
@nawidberlin love the idea! Do think the design/ux of the pyng pages is kinda confusing. You see the tagline (eg "looking for apartment in NYC") and then the description is below the contact form, and below that a piece of text explaining pyng (same design as text of description) - my idea is this page should be more clear and actionable, it's nice to press a button and scroll down, but not on a page like this I think.
@bramk Thanks for your feedback, Bram! I agree with you, the design of the pyng pages can be optimized and I think you are highlighting the right points! We are already working on a slight redesign but would love to get your thoughts on how you would arrange the elements / which elements you think can be removed. Thanks!
@nawidberlin :) I see it as a noticeboard/bulletinboard, so kinda like: [centered tagline] [description][contact] short and snappy ;)
There's a nice write up of the service by founder Nawid (@nawidberlin) here:
Awesome, I love friend-based concepts like Jelly and now GoPyng... Next time I move to a new city I will definitely consolidate my search efforts with it, but quick question, how long do pyngs stay active?
@culturalme There's an expiration option when creating a pyng. I think 4 weeks is the maximum.
Yeah - we also thought of it as notice board! Thanks!
I love the idea so much, it's very community based and this is the challenge! Good luck and keep up the validation.