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tom meagher
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
Most epic grid view gif!
Jesse Shapins
Jesse ShapinsMaker@jshapes
@thomasmeagher thx! get ready for the next big release of GoPop : ))
Jesse Shapins
Jesse ShapinsMaker@jshapes
Since launching GoPop last February, we've seen our community really adopt the call-and-response aspect of the app. (I showed the unique reply feature where you can choose a piece of media from someone's Pop and then add your own visual at last month's Product Hunt event w/ @rrhoover at the Apple Store). People have used this for everything from making faceswaps with each other to reactions to the World Cup. Seeing this behavior, we completely re-designed/re-built the app to make conversations the center of the experience. The main changes in this update are: 1) New conversation UX — swipe right on any Pop in your feed to see all of the replies. 2) New bottom nav that emphasizes the Explore — we've seen that hashtags have been really valuable for the community as they use them to define this new medium. 3) Smart feed — the feed now surfaces the best conversations intelligently. 4) New scrolling — each Pop now locks into place so consuming this form of interactive content is much easier. In conjunction with this massive update, the community is also mobilizing to set a new Guinness World Record the "Largest online album of face-swapped photos." You can follow the livestream at — which is, a sort of new product in of itself : ) Love to hear y'all's thoughts! Happy to answer any questions! - Jesse (Co-Founder/CEO)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@jshapes it's a relatively small change but the new scrolling which jumps from one post to another, makes it much easier to browse the feed. P.S. wish I could make it to your event tonight in SF!
Jesse Shapins
Jesse ShapinsMaker@jshapes
@rrhoover Thx! Y - the scrolling is one of those fascinating little product things. We realized that the previous scroll required 3 gestures to consume a Pop: 1) Start scroll, 2) Stop scroll and position scroll in a way that fits the Pop; 3) Press down on Pop. By taking out that 2nd gesture, you can keep your thumb in place the entire time and never worry about positioning.
Jesse Shapins
Jesse ShapinsMaker@jshapes
PS Wish I could make yr event tonight in NYC : )
Molly Matthieson
Molly Matthieson@mlymat · Digital, WME
Very cool, @jshapes. The discover features are working beautifully and love the new scrolling as well. Now back to my #worldfaceswap...