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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2014
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LOL your name is killing me!!! @iorahul I built a site called GOPITCH which I posted about 6 months ago on Hacker News: The url is: I feel like it's everything except a strange coincidence: when you type "gopitch" on Google, my site comes up first. Can you please describe how you come up with the name? Thanks a lot
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@detcherry nice! I prefer text-based pitch to audio... That being said, I wonder how you came up with you overall design? :)
@detcherry Hey Damien! Yeah I realized a bit too late. It was just the first name that came into my mind, and I bought the domain name because it was cheap/available. I did this in one night just for fun, didn't do much research. Sorry about using the same name, didn't mean to. So long story short, no elaborate process, the name just clicked for me as I suppose it did for you too. Edit: I'm getting a lot of questions about allowing text pitches, and I'm pointing them all to!
@spolu I prefer text too, in some cases. But you can't hand someone a piece of paper at a live event if they ask you what you do! I'm sure you can guess what inspired the general design ;)
@iorahul You really didn't do any research... If you want I have a whole list of ideas you can get inspiration from. Let me copy and paste these names: Abercrombie & Pitch letmepitch LMNOPitch charliechapitch pitchdeck plentyofpitchinthesea letsgotothepitch saperlipopitch pitchvolley palmpitch pitchperfect pitchster itsbritneypitch sexonthepitch miamipitch dontfuckwithmypitch thepitchboys BusyPitch pitchmyride pitchface Let me know when you've bought a new domain name! Thanks
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@detcherry Just logged in to by the way, looks really great. I hope you post on ProductHunt soon also. I'm glad at least we don't really do the same thing.
if only we could scale @davemcclure so he could give spot on (+ hilarious) critiques to all
Thanks @bramk :) I came up with the idea very recently and had some spare time last weekend, so I put it together. Again, huge thanks to @rrhoover for the inspiration! would love to answer any questions!
@iorahul Hey Rahul, really love this project. Are u looking for help with this? I'd love to contribute somehow :)
@detcherry @iorahul, ah well, what's in a name? "GoPitch" is pretty general?
I've just pitched Salary Fairy on GoPitch. I really like the clear user interface and ease of use of the site.
@gozdeaksay which GoPitch are you referring to? (sorry just trolling :P )