The most extensive Google Maps scraping tool

GoPinLeads is a simple - yet fast - Chrome extension to collect 1000s of leads including e-mail and phone numbers of physical businesses and their employees.

  • Kiley Doll
    Kiley DollSerial Entrepreneur

    The tool was so easy and fast to use. I litterly found 38 leads within 30 sec or less and all delivered to my in box


    I havent found the cons

    I have been in sales for more than 30 yrs and I can tell you this tool will change how you find and fill your sales pipeline. So quick to find the highest quality leads.

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  • Pros: 

    Fast and accurate


    You get whatever data is available on Google, so there will be some gaps. It does an amazing job of collecting data from disparate sources.

    It saved me some serious amount of manual work yesterday. I got a useful list of 100+ leads just testing this tool, including venues, contact persons, and social media accounts. Very useful!

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Five years ago, I was newly married and taking 220 flights ✈️✈️ a year. I hardly saw my wife and spent all my time jetting off to find new prospect customers. By 2014, I realised I needed to make a change. I needed to find a better way to work. Armed with my degree in Computer Science 🖥️ and AI, but with no real research experience, I started up my own market research company. My main aim was to automate the list-making process. It took me 3️⃣ years to figure out all the ins and outs🤔. By the end of it, I knew I could build the fastest and most comprehensive sales prospecting tool. This is my brainchild: GoPinLeads💡. The tool combines AI and many data sources to decide on relevant results. The biggest advantage of the tool is that it saves time 🕰️. Sales professionals spend days researching leads. They might even spend tons of money on hiring staff and interns👨‍💻 The biggest advantage is that it makes sales professionals independent. The tool has the ability to collect thousands of leads from any location in the world 🗺️ It locates physical businesses and tells you everything about them. You receive their names, numbers addresses and social media links. Download the Chrome Extension GoPinleads 🔽 now and get 500 free credits for the first 7 days
@jameslawrence thanks James. Good to hear.
I love this tool. It emailed me a fully comprehensive list of relevant leads within minutes. 😁👍
@jeff_allen thanks Jeff, appreciate your kind words.
Fantastic tool! Makes researching leads a breeze - and you’ll save yourself tons of time too. 😊
@simstreck Good to hear Simoné. Appreciate you trying the tool out.
Really an amazing tool. Makes it super easy to find leads, and saves a lot of hassle and time.