Better hotel deals automatically, every time + cash back

A free chrome extension that helps travelers save time & money on hotels! Gopher pops up when you're viewing a hotel on major travel sites and shows a better deal via the hotel's official site through lower room rates, cash back, or both! With one simple click, you'll receive a trusted reservation and any loyalty or direct booking benefits offered.


  • Taylor JohnsonCEO/Co-Founder of VentureStorm

    It's completely free to use and it makes me money!

    Very intuitive and essentially requires no additional work.


    None, and there are no noteworthy alternatives.

    I've been using Gopher for well over a month now and can say the experience has been great. Receiving cash back on every trip I book has enabled me to travel more and worry about prices less.

    Taylor Johnson has used this product for one month.
  • Vaida GiljicGraduate student at LIU

    It reminds me of Honey which gives deals and cash back when online shopping, and to have that for deals and cash back on hotels is amazing!



    I was recently introduced to Gopher so I didn't get to use it over summer when I booked a reservation, but for my next trip/vacation, I will definitely use Gopher.

    Vaida Giljic has never used this product.


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James J. GancosMaker@jgancos · CEO & Founder, Gopher
Hi Product Hunt! As a former hotelier and avid globetrotter, I’ve felt the frustrations surrounding Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia and OTAs create disgruntled guests through misleading best price claims, failed communication and confusing cancellation policies. Plus, they take a 20-30% commission away from the hotel for each booking. I don’t dig any of that. Booking directly though the hotel gives you the opportunity to receive an enhanced guest experience plus any rewards or other perks that they reserve for their loyal guests. You’re also less likely to run into booking errors, such as lost or incorrect reservations. Add a better deal to the mix, and direct bookings are win-win. Gopher is currently in beta, so although it works on every hotel every time, there’s only an instant booking capability for Hilton and Marriott/Starwood hotels. For other hotels where we need to do a little extra digging, we’ll send you a guaranteed better deal link within 24 hours. Gopher provides a better way to book hotels, and my team and I hope you agree. We’re looking for feedback on user experience and are happy to answer any questions! James CEO & Founder, Gopher
Petra@meineleserei · Head of Marketing & PR, VisoCon GmbH
Wow, this sounds really great! I will definitely try it out for my next week-end trip.
James J. GancosMaker@jgancos · CEO & Founder, Gopher
@meineleserei Thanks for the kind words. The great thing about Gopher is once you download him, he'll be there ready to help as soon as you're searching around for your next hotel (and won't bother you until then). I hope you find a great week-end getaway, and safe travels!
Taylor Johnson@taylor_johnson · CEO/Co-Founder of VentureStorm
I booked a hotel with this, and it was basically free money. Great work on the product!
James J. GancosMaker@jgancos · CEO & Founder, Gopher
@taylor_johnson Great to hear, Taylor! Thanks for using our service. We hope you enjoy your stay and your savings on this booking and every future booking.
Jamie Martin@livejamie · Senior UX/UI at Echtra Games
Flights and Rental Cars coming next?
Michael ChuMaker@michaelatjoingopher · CTO
@livejamie Always a possibility, but we want to transform the hotel booking space first. Where do you usually book hotel, flight, and car reservations?
Jamie Martin@livejamie · Senior UX/UI at Echtra Games
@livejamie @michaelatjoingopher Kayak or Hipmunk usually to find the prices and then I like to book directly. A request: It's annoying for your app to automatically open a page that autoplays a video with sound, meaning I have to close out of that on every one of my devices when I start Chrome up.
Michael ChuMaker@michaelatjoingopher · CTO
@livejamie thanks for the info on how you book and appreciate the feedback on the video that autoplays. We're deploying an update so the video autoplays muted.