Better hotel deals automatically, every time + cash back

A free chrome extension that helps travelers save time & money on hotels! Gopher pops up when you're viewing a hotel on major travel sites and shows a better deal via the hotel's official site through lower room rates, cash back, or both! With one simple click, you'll receive a trusted reservation and any loyalty or direct booking benefits offered.

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16 Reviews5.0/5

I've been using Gopher for well over a month now and can say the experience has been great. Receiving cash back on every trip I book has enabled me to travel more and worry about prices less.


It's completely free to use and it makes me money!

Very intuitive and essentially requires no additional work.


None, and there are no noteworthy alternatives.

It’s awesome to have an early adopter on here. Glad to hear you’ve had such a positive experience!

I was recently introduced to Gopher so I didn't get to use it over summer when I booked a reservation, but for my next trip/vacation, I will definitely use Gopher.


It reminds me of Honey which gives deals and cash back when online shopping, and to have that for deals and cash back on hotels is amazing!



Great to hear you love the concept. I would love to know your thoughts on user experience after you’ve booked with Gopher's help! By the way, the key differences between Gopher and Honey is that 1) Gopher work with all hotels versus a subset, and 2) You still qualify for the hotel's loyalty rewards, points, perks, and other personalized benefits because you're booking directly with the hotel.

Booking direct is the way to go. Earn loyalty points, plus cash back.


I earned cash back and was able to redeem for Bitcoins on top of earning my loyalty points at Marriott.


Can't think of one.

Cool. Can Bitcoin hit $10k next year? =)

Definitely I'll recommend to everyone!!!!


I like chase back rewards


Need promote this program on social media more ppl need to know more about this program it's truly amazing

Thank you for the Gopher love. Tell all of your friends!

I have booked a few hotels already using Gopher and it has saved me money and time. I haven't been able to find another service that gets me better rates than Gopher and it's much faster than searching all over the internet!


Works for tons of hotels, easy to use, always get best rates



I’m glad to hear Gopher has already dug up some good deals for you AND that it has saved you the most valuable resource of all ... time!