GOP Implosion

Watch in real time as the GOP mortgages its party to Trump

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Peter Kelly@wikipetera
Hilarious and fascinating - tracking the shifting sentiment of the GOP establishment towards Donald Trump
Matt Garlock@matt_garlock · UX enthusiast
This transparency is the funny descriptions
Matt McClard@matt_mcclard
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
Neat but I'm kinda bothered by the lose definition you use for "endorsed." For example, under Paul Ryan, when you click the link, the article specifically says Ryan did NOT endorse Trump.
Jacob Bendicksen@jacobbendicksen · student @yale
@danielmatthews I agree that 'endorse' has a pretty specific meaning, but in this case does the lack of a non-endorsement equate to an endorsement?
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
@jacobbendicksen I don't think it should since that's not how official political endorsements work. You can't assume endorsement from silence or even praise.
Aaron AzlantMaker@aazlant
@danielmatthews Hey guys, the definition is definitely something that we struggled with. If you find additional examples of posts that don't fit the category, we'll make changes.
Jacob Bendicksen@jacobbendicksen · student @yale
@danielmatthews absolutely, but in this context I wonder if a refusal to disavow Trump is effectively an endorsement
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
@jacobbendicksen @aazlant refusal to disavow does not equal endorsement and, in my opinion, it is irresponsible to equate the two. For what it's worth, Ryan officially endorsed Trump two days ago: