VPN with 14 different locations & 1-month free subscription

Use a VPN without ever having to login.

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Interesting they say "no logging," as the the most comprehensive VPN list says they do:
@jordankrueger that is... interesting.

Using Netflix seems promising.


Standard VPN Service


Misleading bio: offers only 500MB free in 1 month.

I've just tested out this Vpn provider, but it's extremely slow. My home internet runs at 100 Mbps up and dow, but the VPN slows it down to just a few Mbps. I read that ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN in Industry but as it has no free trial, I cannot check whether they are telling truth. I'm ready to pay more, but I want to know for sure it will provide truly fast data rates. Just found a decent review on ExpressVPN here , gonna give it a try
Yes, this is good VPN. But i have tried this VPN App its Really good and it will provide truly fast data rates. Try it now
I read that SurfsharkVPN is the fastest and offers plans for as little as $1.99 per month. I'm not expert, this is where I actually found it.