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Gooroo is a subscription tutoring platform that matches students to tutors in a way that considers students' unique needs. We also make it easy to keep learning and improving on 300+ subjects through convenient scheduling, payment, and feedback.
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Hi PH community! 👋 If you believe the next generation of education should be personalized, we agree! We created Gooroo to make it easier for parents to find tutors who are perfect for their children and their learning styles, and our mission is to fulfill the unique needs of all students and help them discover their passions in life. Some of the initial features and capabilities include: ✅Automated tutor and student matching ✅Managing tutoring sessions and payments ✅Viewing feedback from tutors after each session ✅A student profile that tracks learning, soft skills, learning style over time We are currently serving the five boroughs of NYC. If you or your child might benefit from regular tutoring, we invite you to request a Gooroo and see what matches you get 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 Use the code “PH80” for $80 off your first month! 🎉 Thanks for checking out Gooroo! We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve our product.
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Hi hunters! 🙌 Thanks for checking us out. I wanted to briefly share about why we created Gooroo. After I served in the Korean army for 2 life-changing years, I returned to college and became increasingly overwhelmed by my coursework as the semester progressed. I knew I needed help specifically tailored to my hands-on learning style, and I realized I didn’t even know where to start looking. That’s when I realized Gooroo needed to exist. Our proprietary algorithm matches tutors to students based on fit, and our machine-based learning tools allow us to assist each student throughout their entire learning journey. We not only want to help with school but also want to spark excitement for lifetime learning. This is just our first step, and we appreciate all of your support and feedback. Hugs and loves, Scott
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@jiajia_zhang When are you launching for Europe & Asia for Tutors?
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@jiajia_zhang @haashirmohammed Thanks for asking, Hasshir. That's a part of our expansion plan. Stay tuned!
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I am so impressed by your UX/UI!! Pictures in the website look amazing as well.
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@raymondwhite596 Thanks so much Raymond! We have very talented designers who care so much about our users. Your compliment means a lot to our product and tech team. I do appreciate it.
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I needed an LSAT tutor ASAP, and that is exactly what I got. I learned the test from scratch and even made a friend out of it. I really don’t know what I would have done had Gooroo not come to my rescue. I can proudly say that I’ll be attending law school in the fall.


Gooroo makes tutoring so personalized and so accessible.


No idea

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Thank you @sydney_segal! Congrats on law school!!
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Gooroo has been with us every step of the way, caring about the success of our child—from the first moments of ordinary test prep, to the more challenging time of helping our our son to get back on track academically after suffering concussions. Gooroo cares. This is personal for them. They want their students to succeed. Scott, as Director, has never let us feel anything other than that he cares. Gooroo is a first rate test prep and tutoring company, but they have the time to personalize, to care so deeply about the child. It's what you want in educating your child, that those teaching care to understand the person. Gooroo always goes that extra mile.
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@martha_mcphee Thanks Martha for your kind words! Customers are always our first priority and we love going an extra mile to help your child succeed.
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How did you come up with the logo? I love it and what the meaning behind Gooroo?
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@louiswalker466 Hi Louis! We have amazing designers and all the credit goes to them. Our Gooroo tutors inspire students and unlock their potential. Thanks for asking!
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