Google Voice for iOS

Make and receive calls and SMS on any device

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SOO excited for this. After today's Hangouts update Google Voice received it's first update in years. It doesn't appear to support MMS yet but the interface and icon is completely updated. I've used Google Voice exclusively for 5 years (no iMessage) so this is great news :)
@bracco nice new design. Weird that they chose to update it now, considering they're updating Hangouts as well. Is anything new other than the design?
@_jacksmith Not that I can see. But now I don't have to travel back in time to iOS 5 when I use the app ;)
This is still the old app. Hope Google rolls out a new version soon. Current one is good for receiving messages. Other than that, it's pretty much useless.
Give me a break I haven’t even fucking try it yet.