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Looking forward to digging into this, particularly the videos. Here are a few w/ fellow Product Hunt folks: - Foundation Interview w/ @kevinrose and Circa's @mg - Product Manager Meetup in SF w/ @joshelman & others - How Google Sets OKRS w/ @rklau This similar to Sequoia Capital's Grove (cc @ashbhoopathy).
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing the GV links; these are new to me and I am absolutely hooked to GV now!
@rrhoover Awesome thanks Ryan!
great resource - sharing with @MassChallenge start-ups
The instructional videos are headed by @kennethn and @rklau - originally the videos were a google ventures portfolio company only perk (and some of the videos that contain sensitive information still are only accessible by portfolio cos and require you to login), but they subsequently opened it up to the general public, which I think is a great idea, as it's great for branding etc. When they redesigned the gv site a couple of months ago, they re-organized the content into this library structure, making it all much easier to browse, which is awesome, before that it was just kind or an events calendar. Google ventures portfolio cos get to attend the recorded events in person and/or ask questions on live-stream often, eg when analyzing what factors affect the load speeds of different websites, people could ask for their own website to be deconstructed. Numerous videos have been exceptionally useful to watch, eg Rick's OKR video (and subsequent advice) was instrumental in us implementing OKRs at Vungle.
Thanks for the kind words @_jacksmith. I'm with GV and co-lead the workshop series with @rklau. We welcome all feedback, and in particular requests for topics you'd like to see us cover. We've made a lot of our videos public on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Goo...
Google had a disparate collection of videos and resources before, then I couldn't find it. Just looked around now, I believe they used to belong here: https://www.googleforentrepreneu... @rrhoover thx for sharing. I see with this and Google Trends Visualizer there is some effort being made to bring in some Google love ;) Especially after TWiST interview when I realized most of the products here are Web or iOS only.
@narekk haha, are you claiming collusion!!?? :) Speaking of which, fans of this should also check out @jason's This Week in Startups and @camillericketts' First Round Review.
@rrhoover Thanks so much for the shout! Looking forward to see what kind of content Google produces with Library!
@rrhoover Hah no I was just openly expressing an observation, but now that you mention it ... ;) And @jason is simply rad. I was super happy to know you've been a longtime TWiST nerd too. *digital high five*
@narekk breakfast and TWiST is my Saturday morning routine.
@rrhoover tsk tsk, Ryan. VB should be in there ;)