Google Tone

Exchange URLs with nearby computers (using sound)

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"Google Tone turns on your computer's microphone (while the extension is on) and uses your computer's speakers to exchange URLs with nearby computers connected to the Internet. You can use Google Tone to send the URL for any web page, including news stories, pictures, documents, blog posts, products, YouTube videos, recipes—even search results." Just as Chirp has made huge updates to its iOS app (including sending 6 second Vine-style videos through audio in addition to links, text, photos, etc.), Google now lets us share links with audio on Chrome. The Piu-piu extension has allowed educators and students to send links from Chrome to mobile devices but not TO Chrome. This is really nice for education.
Incidentally, Chirp for Chrome was released today (, and it lets you send data from Chrome to the mobile apps. The next version will listen to mobile devices. Again, for education, I can't stress enough how easy this makes it for everyone on every device to get on the same page. Sharing pics, text, and short video clips is great for collaboration across devices. 😎
Cute concept. Can't figure out the use case.
If only airdrop was more reliable this wouldn't be necessary, for people on OS X. I wonder if in the video it's just being done with an audible sound for the demos sake. Would be cool if they used high frequency sounds that humans can't hear. May make it confusing for users in that case though.
@benwtnb It uses both ultrasounds and audible sounds http://googleresearch.blogspot.c...
@benwtnb I have mixed feelings about the point about confusion. I work for a startup that does data-over-audio using ultrasonic sound waves ( Most people think it's kind of cool that they can't hear it, but it can also be frustrating when you're testing and things aren't working, then you realize your volume is turned way down. Though Google didn't say it, I think that's a secondary reason for why they added audible.
@kicksopenminds @benwtnb I think on audible as a value perception strategy. Something like "wow, it goes thru the sound"
@rodrigoprior @benwtnb There are quite a few in the data-over-audio space, mostly inaudible. Some with the goal of displacing BLE in the IoT space. Others trying to do interactions like payments and logins over sound.
@kicksopenminds I'm feeling dumb, didn't even think about that fact that even though we can't hear it the sound does still need to be on. Could definitely see that being an issue. I like your/Lisnr's idea to integrate into broadcast TV, very cool. I cofounded a startup in the iBeacon/BLE space in Japan, and not a fan of the high-frequence audio in stores to be honest, haven't seen it work very well. Love your idea for broadcast TV and concerts though! @rodrigoprior Definitely agree with you that it's much more remarkable with sound and makes the idea/product more transferable. @alfongj Thanks for the link! I probably should have thought to google a Google product before asking ;)
And QRCode became SoundCode. So cool!
Yeah sorry, Airdrop is better and can send more than just URL's - no need to shush everybody to be quiet while you send URL's, and can send faster and over larger distances. Interesting concept though, but not practical. I'm surprised it's the top trending hunt.
@tonytanevski Sounds like using pigeons to transfer data.