Google Tasks for Mobile is the standalone tasks app for all G-Suite Users. Available on iOS and Android.

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There are sooo many to-do apps. It's often the default first project for new iOS/Android devs. That said, we're building something in this space at Product Hunt (currently in private beta). 😁 I used to use Google Tasks, which has been integrated into Gmail for years. I'm curious: What to-do app do people use and why?
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@rrhoover I like Asana. Clean. Love their UI. True about the to-do apps part. And I still feel no one has cracked it fully.
@rrhoover Wanted a simple experience that I could add tasks to on the go, including via Siri / Google Home
@rrhoover I use Todoist, highly recommended. Why? Because I can do everything just writing one line, like categorizing using hashtags, add a deadline and tags
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@rrhoover - Things 3. Does everything I need and is beautiful. But I love trying any new to-do app that comes along.
@rrhoover We built one (Kyber) for mobile and then ported natively to Slack. We ended up “killing” the iOS app and keeping exclusively the Slack app as we spend already so much time on Slack that we didn’t another app; plus if you want to manage tasks and projects at the team level I didn’t see any other platform but messaging to drive adoption and usage, as tasks are already exchanged there; they just need to be tracked and organized and switching to an external app is just a productivity killer. Needless to say, I use that for both personal and more importantly team collaboration. I'll be interested to see how deeply Google Tasks integrates with emails, which is a form of messaging.
I like it more than I thought I would. Love the illustrations
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Coming clean: I am a Product Manager for GQueues. We've been around for 8 years and have developed a task management app that integrates exclusively with Google Products; Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. We have repeating task, mobile apps for Android and IOS, sharing, task assignments, etc. etc. Come give us a try -


Great new UI, but still has the limited features tasks has always had.


Lacks collaboration features like sharing and task assignments

Looks nice. But not integrated well with my inbox by Gmail or Google Calendar. Does it suppose to do so?
@adu_wu It's integrated with the new gmail experience, but I don't understand why they didn't tie it in with Inbox.
Very neat app.. Clean design, interface is simple and easy to use. However, I wonder why it ditched away the standard Material Design guidelines. First, the menu is at the bottom (which is great and I ask myself why it hasn’t ever been there at the first place). Second, the button to add a new task is completely different from the standard FOB. Additional note: it froze after I tapped around the app for a while.
@munipandita I’m using the iOS version
@munipandita Even I am surprised why they ditched Material Design in the Google Tasks App. I think design is slightly half-baked.