Google Spotlight Stories is the Oscar nominated, Emmy award-winning platform for immersive storytelling. We are artists and technologists exploring narrative in emerging technologies and experimenting with story in new and thoughtful ways.
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After using the app,my thoughts are that is on an early sage very simple design and not many movies yet to watch! But the first movie named "HELP" which is free for a limited time is absolutely amazing you should totally give it a watch!
@tnsrig Like you said, it's amazing. It almost turns your iPhone into an Oculus Rift. I don't know if these 360° cameras are expensive but there are definitely awesome content to create.
@ldesserrey Yes mate it's definitely something new it's a very immersive experience!
pretty amazing i say. kids will love it
I had this when it was just for Motorola, and it's great. It does take a really good phone though, and oddly, the Google Stories on THIS app, take up a gig or more, really. Well, 'Help' did. Great story though.