Google Shopping Grader

Grade the performance of your AdWords campaigns in seconds

Google Shopping Performance Grader is a free tool that analyses your campaigns on 9 areas such as bidding, negative keywords and account structure and generates a beautifully designed report with actionable recommendations for your campaigns.

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Gerasimos Tsiamalos
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Gerasimos Nikolopoulos
Gerasimos NikolopoulosMaker@gerasimos_nikolopoulos · Automating ecommerce advertising
👋 Hey Hunters! I am Gerasimos, founder and CEO of adaplo, and I am excited to share with you our new free tool that can help in your AdWords campaigns! From the time I was working for the SMB Marketing team @Google, it always struck me how complicated digital advertising is. In order to launch some ad campaigns, we have to do all these manual tasks. It shouldn’t be like this! In the era of self-driving cars we have the technology to automate all this, and this is what we are doing at We are automating ecommerce advertising for online retailers. While we are working on automating e-commerce advertising, we like to do hack-projects where we build something that builds on our expertise and creates value for many more companies. 2 years ago we launched our first free app,, an app that visualizes a Google Analytics report. Our app was featured at the official Google Analytics Twitter account and shared in the monthly newsletter and thousands of companies used it. Today we are launching our new tool! 👏👏👏 Our Google Shopping Performance Grader helps you understand what you can do to improve the ROI of your Google Shopping Campaigns. It analyses your campaigns across 9 dimensions and creates a beautifully simple report with actionable recommendations. A campaign manager would need hours to create this report and now you can get it in less than 60’’. Our beta users took advantage of our Grader in order to both find optimisation opportunities and perform audits for prospective Clients. For us this day 1; we are collecting feedback in order to enhance Grader with more analytical power. Post a comment on any idea or question you might have! And when you get your report, we would love to have your feedback. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you, Gerasimos
Alon Chen
Alon Chen@alon_chen
Important innovation in this critical space!
Gerasimos Nikolopoulos
Gerasimos NikolopoulosMaker@gerasimos_nikolopoulos · Automating ecommerce advertising
@alon_chen thank you! We also believe this is a big space and this is something we hear daily from our customers. All online retailers care about 2 things today; Amazon and Google Shopping.
Loubna Chafik
Loubna ChafikMaker@loubna_ch02 · Sales & Marketing @adaplo
@alon_chen Thanks! I'm glad you share our vision