Google re:Work

A new platform to make an impact in your workplace

#2 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2015
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This looks like a great resource, but it's a bit unfortunately named...
@lachlanjc I never heard of - but I don't think that something else having the same name has stopped Google ever before :) they are such a giant that they can kind of steamroll over any other startup. Even renaming to Alphabet, there was already a company with that name
Google launches re:Work, a platform with data-driven practices, research, and ideas to help #makeworkbetter announcement post by SVP, People Operations at Google and author of WORK RULES! , Laszlo Bock : from The Washington Post: With new site, Google makes public many of its internal HR tactics
Seems like some good intentions but phrases like "begin unbiasing" make me want to begin bashing ;-)
Love these resources!