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Discover and listen to the world's podcasts on Android.

Integrated with the Google Assistant across your devices and packed with personalized recommendations, Google Podcasts is designed to make it easier than ever for Android users to discover and listen to podcasts.

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Zack here from Google Podcasts, a new Android app for discovering and listening to the world's podcasts. Over two billion people use Android, and we believe Google Podcasts can help double worldwide podcast listening over the next couple of years, primarily through seamless integration with the Google Assistant and AI-powered features starting with personalized recommendations. There is a full blog post detailing the announcement, as well as some PH-specific details below. Quick feature summary - Recommendations for new podcasts get more personalized as you use the app, based primarily on subscriptions and listening habits. - Progress is synced through the Google Assistant, so you can pause on your phone and resume on Google Home, and vice-versa. - Standard features like subscribing, downloading, and changing playback speed. App FAQ - Available globally in all 47 Play Store languages. - Over 2 million podcasts indexed. - No iOS app available today. - No change to the existing podcasts experience in Google Play Music. - Guidelines for podcasters Creator program We're also announcing a program to help promote inclusive storytelling in podcasting. As the industry continues to grow, it's especially important to help cultivate and empower diverse perspectives for an increasingly numerous and diverse listener base. There are additional details in the blog post, and we’ll be rolling out more specifics later this year. We encourage you to fill out the online form if you are interested.
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@zackrw Any plans for an iOS app?
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@zackrw Missing the blog post link. I guess this hunt went live earlier than expected :) @abadesi
@zackrw This is so fantastic, I just want to say that it's great to have some serious game from Google here in a space that was only Apple before today.
@zackrw - "Available globally in all 47 Play Store languages." seems not to be correct. It's not available in Germany.
@zackrw not available in Italy :(

After months of rumours it appears like Google Podcasts is ready for prime time. This'll likely steal some people away from third-party apps.


It's by Google!


Not available outside the US by the sounds of it. Podcasts are universal. Boo.

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"Available globally in all 47 Play Store languages."
Definitely available outside the US.
Sorry for the delay, Jordan. It should be rolled out globally at this point. Thanks for checking it out!
Glad to see you and team working on this, @zackrw. As you've mentioned before, FAR more people on iOS listen to podcasts in large part because of the pre-installed Apple podcast app. Good to see Google offering its own option to convert more people into listeners. 😉
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This is so cool. "Progress is synced through Google Assistant, so you can pause on your phone and resume on Google Home, and vice-versa."
Is there a web version to continue listening on desktop?
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@felix_bohme Not yet. I agree that would be useful though, especially since the cross-environment listening experience is so important for long-form content such as podcasts.
@felix_bohme @zackrw This is the most important feature for me personally
@felix_bohme @zackrw @jermainecharles Second that! Really frustrating to have to be using Itunes + G Podcasts