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Material Design Messenger app for Android

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just downloaded. looks pretty good. I don't think I'll use it though. I use hangouts for SMS, just to keep everything in 1 spot. I'm guessing we'll see hangouts upgraded soon too.
All I want for Hangouts: - To not be slow as hell - To automatically detect whether the person I'm messaging has hangouts by associating their account with their #, just like WhatsApp. If they do, send a hangout message, if not, fall back to SMS, just like iMessage. - Stop suggesting random people all over the world when I pick a recipient, when on earth is that ever going to be useful to me? It would also help if every Android device maker/Verizon didn't feel the need to bundle redundant SMS apps with their phones, confusing users and decreasing the chances that they'll use Hangouts.
still no comparison to EvolveSMS ..
I was a little confused why we created another messenger app. This one is compatible with all carriers, so they don't need to create their own default SMS app. I've been using it for the last few weeks, and I actually like it better than Hangouts. Just simpler.
@adesome you *were* confused? Did you figure it out. Because I'm still confused heh.
Switched to Textra (which is great) as a default because hangouts was so terrible. Glad to see Google is addressing this.