Google Maps Timeline

See a map of your daily activity inside Google Maps

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#4 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2015
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
If Timehop and Foursquare had a baby... cc @suzywillow
Serge Herkül
Serge Herkül@_sergeh · I build things @teamweek & @scaledrone
Google brings creepiness to a new level
Bryant Peng
Bryant Peng@bryantpeng · nobody
@_sergeh nobody does it better
Varun Goel
Varun Goel@goelv · Cofounder & Head of Product, Tripnary
@bryantpeng @_sergeh seriously! they are excellent at it.
Julian Lehr
Julian Lehr@lehrjulian · CMO @ 🍩
Super excited about this. So far I've mainly been using Moves but the Google Maps data looks a lot more accurate (on the other hand it doesn't track actual steps) and better designed.
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan@sahilk · Design & Product @ Sminq
@lehrjulian Exactly! Hoping to get Timeline soon. But without the activity data (might happen on Android devices, but I'm on an iPhone), Moves will continue being on my phone.
benburns@benburns · Product Manager, Bose
I've had a dream since childhood of having a perfect map of everywhere I've ever been. A few apps have come close, but running trackers aren't meant to be left on all the time, GPS drains phone batteries, the background iOS location tracking was discovered and removed, and the only real options are old hacks like Hopefully this brings us one step closer!
Tomas Ruta
Tomas Ruta@tomasruta · 2x funded founder, 3x CMO VC-funded co's
I have Location Reporting enabled via the Google Now app on iOS, yet my Timeline is only showing stuff from my old Android devices. Would be great if we had the Google PM here on PH!