Google Maps Go

Lighter version of the original Google Maps

#1 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2017

Designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information. You can even search and find information about millions of places, such as phone numbers and addresses.

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It seems to be not more than an icon leading to a Progressive Web App:
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@aparkhills Nice find now everyone can use it and does not require App Store oversight.
@aparkhills Great! Now we can add also the tag 'iPhone' to this hunt
I'm really glad that companies are starting to offer lighter versions of their core apps - this benefits the next billion users that come online (weaker phones + less data) and people that are efficiency minded.
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Google is working in all directions to cover light users. We have seen Google AMP project, now Google Maps Go. Great going @Google
Great job !!๐Ÿ˜Š
Nice find. This can be super useful when traveling internationally on a limited data plan. Using Google Maps to save offline maps when on wifi has saved me a lot on mobile data charges. That said, having to download maps in advance doesn't always work with the serendipity of travel. I hope they do an iOS release too, or if this is really just an embedded web app, publicize that more.